about me…

Experimental film director, sexual deseducator, videojournalist, militant for the recognition of sex work and sex worker. I intersect pleasure with denouncing and proposing for diverse causes, from my perspective as a transfeminist lesbian. I play audiovisually with the properties of optical illusions, going through various formats such as video, intervened reality, 360º and cinema.

My short films have been exhibited in museums, cinemas, streets and other exhibition centers in the countries where my short films have been selected. As in Spain, the Patio Herreriano Museum of Contemporary Art; or in France, in the Museum of Modern Art les Abattoirs. As well as have been exhibited in universities and other kind of prisons.

I received the grant from Fonca, Jóvenes Creadores (2020-2021) to carry out part of the development of my work #diariodeunaputa. The Ambulante festival (2019) selected the project of my first feature film #diariodeunaputa in its laboratory of transmedia narratives “Colaboratorio Ambulante”, to culminate the development of #diariodeunaputa. Bank Santander supported me financially for the development of #diariodeunaputa. I studied a master’s degree in cinema at the Ibero (2018-2020), thanks to a 100% scholarship that they gave me to finish the script for my first feature film #diariodeunaputa. I was awarded the Imacp “Beca de innovación artística” (2017), in the category of new experimentation formats, for my work: “Cómo sublimar al fantasma de mi histeria en X pasos”. Who chose my project for this grant was the director of the Alameda Art Museum: Tania Aedo Arankowsky. “Cómo sublimar al fantasma de mi histeria en X pasos”, is one of the first fiction short films made by a woman, in 360º format and with ASMR sound, in Mexico. I was awarded a grant for my short film: “Adiós a la licuadora”, in Chile Doc Conecta (2016), in Santiago de Chile, Chile. One of the judges was Peter Gerard, President of Content Distribution for Vice and Vimeo. I was the second-place winner of the Ayto de Astillero Video Art Award, in Cantabria, Spain. El Almacén de las Artes (2017), for my short film “Adiós a la licuadora”.

I worked independently as an editor, cinematographer, director, screenwriter or producer of multiple projects; video journalism; video clips; informative videos; institutional videos; videos for associations, organizations, groups. Places like newspapers: La Jornada; Regeneración; Periodistas de a Pie. Or institutions such as the Department of Non-Violence of the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Puebla, (IMACP) and Fondo Semillas; Addressing issues such as: sexual and reproductive rights, street harassment, women’s right to decide on abortion and the benefits of the menstrual cup, among others.

I worked writing for Letra S supplement of the newspaper La Jornada,(2015-2017); Luchadoras and Pie de Página. Before making my stories videos, I wrote stories that were included in La Trampa de la Meduza, a book published by SOGEM-INBA Puebla and the Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (Imacp), in 2011. These stories were also published in literary supplements, digital newspapers of the city of Puebla, such as the Crítica magazine (2012).

Some masterclasses, courses or workshops that I have attended for the development of my cinematographic work:

*“Voy a donde van las historias” Travels / Territories – Imparted by Werner Herzog. Native Film Festival, Arica Nativa. Chile (2020).

*Masterclass imparted by Patty Jenkins, director of films such as Wonderwoman and Monster. Sundance Festival. USA. (2021).

*Workshop for documentaries in development, imparted by Kaplan Luciana. IMCINE. Mexico. (2021).

*1st edition of the Audiovisual Market and Industry, MICA. Creative production, imparted by producers such as Martha Sosa, who produced films such as Amores Perros and Presunto Culpable. And by the Cannes-winning director Tatiana Huezo, author of The Tempest and Night of Fire. Mexico (2016)

*Días de ira. Imparted by Lucrecia Martel. Film production workshop. Ciénega. México.(2021)

Academic training:

-Degree in Communication from the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (2010).

-Master in cinema from the Universidad Iberoamericana (2018).

In the academic sense, I have been invited to give talks at various universities in the country, as well as in international spaces.

Some talks I have given:

§ Third Colloquium on the Sociology of Sexuality and Gender Beyond Binarism: Reflecting on Gender-Sexual Identities in Latin America. Topic: The objectification of the subject in transgender sex workers in the center of the city of Puebla. Faculty of Sociology. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), 2014.

§ Abortion. Theme: Women’s right to decide. Universidad del Valle de México. (UVM), 2014.

§ Neoliberal Subjects in Mexico. Topic: The objectification of the subject in transgender sex workers in the center of the city of Puebla. Universidad Politécnica de Puebla (UPP), 2014.

§ What is communication for development? Topic: The objectification of the subject in transgender sex workers in the center of the city of Puebla. Faculty of Communication. Instituto de Estudios Avanzados Siglo XXI, 2014.

§ Deconstruction of love, in neoliberal times. Topic: Presentation of an audiovisual scheme. Universidad Politécnica de Puebla (UPP), 2014.

§ Colloquium «Selected themes of communication for development. Axis: Gender and/or art” Topic: video presentation. Faculty of Communication. Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, 2017.

§Panel discussions: are sex workers and porn producers the new educators? Topic: my guerrilla-uneducational porn. .Class in session. Toronto international porn festival. Toronto Canada. 2017.

§Conversation: Rehabilitate the body. Nasty Woman Mexico. Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia. Mexico City. 2017.

§First forum on sexual diversity MULTI-VITRAL. Theme: pornoguerrilla. Department of psychopedagogy. CCH Azcapotzalco. Mexico City. 2018.

§Redefine your sexuality in the city. Theme: affect the body. REDEFINE, Simone de Beauvoir Institute. José Vasconcelos Library. Mexico City. 2018.

§4th Colloquium on studies on image and memory, INAH, BUAP, IBERO and University of Guadalajara 2018. Topic: The (self) victimizing role of the prostitute in Mexican cinema, from the perspective of a sex work who (self) devictimizes herself through audiovisual production. City of Puebla, 2019.

§Gender violence, some considerations to eradicate it. Economic and labor violence. Escuela Nacional de Antropología. INAH. Mexico City, 2020.

§Reflexiones sobre género y precarización laboral. British Embassy Mexico City (2022).


Some awards, distinctions and/or film festivals and contemporary art exhibitions where my shortfilms has been presented:

Shortfilm: Cum is not peeing/Correrse no es mearse/Eyaculer n’est pas pisser

Job: director, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer

Festivals where my shorfilm was chosen:

*International Film Bike Smut, Italy, Canada and U.S.A. (2015).

*Sample Marrana, Ecuador-Quito and Mexico City-Mexico (2015).

*Shorts Mexico, (2015).

*28th Festival Les Instant Video France. Marseille, Friche La Belle de Mei, (2015)

*Les Reencontres Bandits-Mages. Under the curatorship of Quimera Rosa. Bourges, France, (2015).

*Toronto International Porn Film Festival (Feminist pxrn Award) Toronto, Canada,  (2017).

*Porn Film Festival Berlin, Germany. (2017).

*IV Dona ḿ cine concurs de curts fets per dons. Catalonia, (2019).

*Codec, International Experimental Film and Video Festival. Mexico, (2018).

*Corpus, lo contemporáneo en el cuerpo.Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura. Puebla, Mexico, (2017).

Shortfilm: Goodbye to the blender/ Adiós a la licuadora

Job: director, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer

Festivals where my shorfilm was chosen:

*Chile Doc Connects. Santiago de Chile, Chile. Creditor of the support scholarship. Short film: “.(2016).

*Ea. self-autoediton meeting. Valladolid, Spain.(2016).

*Jornadas de Reapropiación. Mexico City. (2016).

*Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia. Woman, Subversion in the Experimental Image in Motion. Bogotá, Colombia, appearing in different Latin American countries. (2017).

*10th Ayto de Astillero video art award. El Almacen de las Artes. Winner of the second place in Cantabria, Spain (2017).

*II Muestra de cine contemporáneo en Barcelona. ULTRAcinema, (2018).

*Feminist Art Project. Hilton Hotel, New York, U.S.A. Various of my short films. (2019)

Shortfilm: Ellas me mataron porque soy…

Job: director, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer

Festivals where my shorfilm was chosen:

*Emergente.(Honorable mention).Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (Imacp). Puebla, Mexico (2015).

*Muestra Colectiva “Las libres”. La Pampa, Argentina, (2016)

*Muestra artística colectiva cuerpos y sexualidades. Consejo de lectoescritura y artes creativas. (2017)

Shortfilm: Automaton/Autómata

Job: director co-authored with Aby Blanco, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer.

*Acre TV, RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE. Chicago, USA. Co-authored with Aby Blanco. (2016)

*Winner of XX Concurso Mujeres en vida. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). Puebla, Mexico. Co-authored with Aby Blanco. (2016).

*Muestra artística colectiva cuerpos y sexualidades. Consejo de lectoescritura y artes creativas de Oaxaca. Mexico, (2017).

Shortfilm: Genetic Fascism

Job: director, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer

Festivals where my shorfilm was chosen:

*Mutoscope, Video Art Exhibition (2015).

*Sample Marrana, Ecuador-Quito and Mexico City-Mexico (2015).

*International Videoart Festival, Madrid, España.(2015).

*Traverse Video Festival. Toulouse, France. (2016).

*Fish and Chips Festival. Turin, Italy. (2017)

Shortfilm: Santa 2020

Job: director, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer

Festivals where my shorfilm was chosen:

*Ultracinema MX. “Erotika” section. Mexico City (2021).

*Día del Patrimonio Fílmico, Volver a verte. «Santa 2020». IMCINE. Various locations throughout the country. Mexico. (2021).

Shortfilm: Water runs through my house/Agua pasa por mi casa

Job: director, screenwriter, editor, actriz and producer

*Muestra Marrana, Mexico y Ecuador. (2016)

Shortfilm: Trabajo sexual es trabajo

Job: director, screenwriter, editor and producer

*Semana del cine mexicano en tu ciudad. Imcine. Cdmx (2018).

Shortfilm: Con todes menos conmiga

Job: director, screenwriter, editor and producer

*Sex And Rage. United Kingdom (2021).

Collaborations with others:

I was a cinematographer for the project selected by the Second Biennial of Arts and Design UNAM 2020 “Ask for the impossible”, CDMX. “El grito”, by the performer and artivist by the fat Yolanda Belnalba.

I made the video «With everyone except me» for the 360º project of the Zorrology Collective, sponsored by Jauría Trans. CDMX 2021: Zorrology – Sacroputa (zorrologia.mx).

Regarding my work as a militant for the recognition of sex work, I am one of the founders of the Alianza Mexicana de Trabajadoras Sexuales, AMETS, created in 2017. Alliance made by and for sex workers in Mexico, part of Redtrasex Latinoamerica and Caribbean who lead more than twenty years in the cause. As part of this work, I was the representant of Mexico at the annual meeting of the The Organization of American States (OAS) 2019, held in Medellín, Colombia. This was the first time in the history of the OAS where the convention had sex worker to speak about the recognition of our work. I went to the OAS with the Redtrasex, on behalf of México by AMETS.

It is worth mentioning that our efforts from Redtrasex have managed to create alliances with Amnesty International, among other organizations, for the recognition of sex work in the region.

Thanks to the joint effort of Amets, with other organizations, sex work was not penalized in CDMX. Our objective now from Amets in alliance with other organizations is that sex work be decriminalized throughout the country.

During 2020 and 2021 from AMETS we obtained the Fondo Semillas; Umbrella Fund and Fondo Mundial de Resilencia para Niñas y Jóvenes, for our project #haciendocalle. We created this project alongside other organizations that defend human rights as Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans (CAIT) and Condonmovil. From #haciendocalle we give more than 2000 economic support, pantries; delivery of supplies for the prevention of Covid 19; free free transmission tests for Syphilis, Hepatitis, HIV; lubricants, condoms; and free workshops on human rights, access to justice and digital security for sex workers who work on the streets of CDMX.

To know more about me you can search in the web: Don Anahí; dxn Anahí; Anahí L.F.; Colectivo Árbol; AMETS, Alianza Mexicana de Trabajadoras Sexuales; Redtrasex, Red Latinoamericana de Trabajadoras Sexuales de Latinoamérica y el Caribe or by my full name: Anahí López Fernández. Or visit: donanahi.com

Thanks for reading me